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The caliber of the colon and rectum is small, and the space between the rectum and the sacrum is increased. This latter finding indicates shortening of the colon and is seen azeri gay hairy watch patients with changes in the rectum caused by chronic irradiation.

The lower vagina is not visualized because of coaptation of azeri gay hairy watch vaginal walls after previous irradiation. Gynecologic tumors infrequently spread to the gastrointestinal tract.

Patterns of bowel spread vary with wwtch type of gynecologic cancer. Spread of cervical and uterine tumors occurs by direct extension to the rectosigmoid and to the small hot sex videos, which becomes adherent to the uterus.

Spread of ovarian tumors occurs predominantly watcj peritoneal seeding. Patients with suspected mechanical bowel obstruction should be examined by a barium enema followed, if necessary, by small-bowel enteroclysis.

Besides confirming the presence and site of obstruction (Fig. 42), these studies may show bowel loop displacement (Fig. 43) or may sometimes identify the cause of the obstruction, such as metastatic deposits to the bowel wall (Fig. 44). Fig. Colon examination shows bowel obstruction ( arrow ) in sigmoid colon. Patient has hot sex videos endometrial carcinoma. Fig. Colon examination shows displacement of the sigmoid colon by a pelvic mass from endometrial carcinoma.

Fig. A 62-year-old woman with cervical cancer. Small-bowel follow-through azeri gay hairy watch encasement of the distal jejunum ( arrow ) causing proximal obstruction.

More recently, CT with opacification of the bowel by diatrizoate sodium diluted to 2 or barium sulfate diluted to gsy was shown to be capable of establishing the presence or absence of small-bowel obstruction. In addition, Tall Small Lesbians Free Porn most patients, CT has the benefit of determining the cause of obstruction and the presence or absence of metastatic tumor to the small-bowel serosa and mesentery (see Fig.


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