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She sat up and he pulled her light summer dress up over her head, and she was in front of him in just Loud Groaning immature Bath Mirror Sex panties, her back arched, pushing her nipples into his mouth. He bit her gently until she let out a slight gasp. He moved down her soft belly to the top of her panties, and ran his tongue under the band, caressing her breasts. He licked her through the silk Loud Groaning immature Bath Mirror Sex her underwear, smelling her delicious scent, pressing his mouth over the hard nub he felt beneath.

She pushed her crotch up to him, grinding slowly over his mouth, her breath getting heavy. He took a finger and slipped her panties to Old men masturbating, porn side, exposing her soft, hairless lips, glistening with moisture.

A sharp flash lit the room and a crashing boom echoed off the buildings outside. Both of them jumped with surprise, and taking advantage of the moment, he immediately ran his tongue from her sweet asshole up to her pierced hood, penetrating her slightly, tasting her. Taken by surprise, she gasped uncontrollably. He flicked Loud Groaning immature Bath Mirror Sex clit gently, then kissed and suckled at it, circling a finger around her lips, moving inside her only a fraction of an inch.

She was rocking with him, her hands on the back of his head, pressing Student Girl Porn Videos into her, trying to get his finger inside of her, but he resisted, wanting to tease her until she pleaded with him to fuck her. He felt the wind on his naked back, and the trees were roaring with the pouring rain outside. Cold mist came through the window, and the light from the streetlamp outside splashed across her face.

A deluge of biblical proportions seemed to be playing itself out in the world beyond their window.


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