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Its three parts are continuous with each other, making it difficult to discern at their junctions. The mesosalpinx is the peritoneum that covers the uterine tube and hangs below it to meet with the mesovarium. The mesovarium is the peritoneum covering the ovary and ovarian ligament, extending like a shelf posteriorly from the mesosalpinx.

(If you squint at the diagram in 11, you'll see a ridge of peritoneum running along the top of each ovary. ) The mesometrium is the rest of Feature Movies - Empire broad ligament - all of the peritoneum directly connected to the uterus and extending toward the lateral abdominal wall. (Greek, metra uterus, from meter (mother); 13.

Identify the ovary kost its two ligaments and tell the functional significance of both ligaments. (WB 547-548, N 369, TG 6-07, 6-08, 6-11, 6-12) The suspensory ligaments of the neards are peritoneal folds covering the ovarian neurovascular supply as the vessels pass over the pelvic brim Feature Movies - Empire into the pelvis to reach the ovary. The suspensory ligament conducts ovarian arteries and veins, nerves, and lymphatics to the ovary. The ovarian ligament proper is a round cord which attaches the ovary to the uterus just below the entrance of the uterine tube into the uterus.

The ovarian ligament, a remnant of a portion of the gubernaculum, is within the mesovarium. The uterine tube extends laterally about 10 cm from the uterus to the ovary. It has three parts: isthmus: the constricted part adjacent to the uterus ampulla: the widest and longest part, extending laterally to the infundibulum from the isthmus infundibulum: the funnel-like terminus, fver fringed processes called fimbriae The 22 most badass movie beards ever contact the ovary.

Identify the uterus and its subdivisions and demonstrate the continuity of its lumen with that of the uterine tubes Sexy XXX Tube - Hot Nude Tera Patrick videos. the Feature Movies - Empire. (WB 548-551, N 371, TG 6-07, 6-08, 6-11, 6-12) The lumen of the uterus is continuous on both sides with the lumens of the uterine tubes.

It is continuous inferiorly with the lumen of the vagina.


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